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The Hen Night Epiphany

“The Hen Night Epiphany”

By Jimmy Murphy
Dir. Garry Thomas

Saturday 14 February (by appointment)

Contact Gaz on 021 453138 or planetgazza@xtra.co.nz

(Note: You will be required to be available Easter Sunday/Monday for Tech Run and rehearsals)


Set after the recent economic crash, the play represents a bachelorette party taking place in a rundown rural cottage some miles from Dublin. The newlyweds-to-be have purchased this country abode cheaply - the previous owners having suffered foreclosure.


Now looking forward to her new life in this out-of the-way little house, the bride, Una, celebrates the so-called Hen Night with her two closest friends, Kelly and Triona; her future mother-in-law Olive; and her future husband’s godmother, Anta. The revelry is short circuited, however, when troubling secrets surface. The bonds that connect these women are severely strained.


“Murphy’s piece is a subtle comedy that shades into poignant, thoughtful drama...”

“... the real crux of the play isn’t the overtly obvious subjects of abuse, promiscuity or relationship troubles, but the deep-rooted issues of loyalty, betrayal and acceptance.”




Mid 30's


Sunny demeanour; tomboyish charisma; laughs off concerns; Inoffensive; funny; practical; sympathetic.


Mid 30's

Una's friend

Vulnerable; worried never married; highly strung; conservative.


Mid 30's

Una's friend

Sexually aware but not 'slutish'; embraces her sexuality; moody.


Late 50's

Una's mother-in-law to be

Slightly over bearing; fastidious; resentful of Una taking her son away from Dublin.


Late 50's

Olive's friend

Godmother to Una's fiancée. Guilt regarding her late husband; haunted; Tentative; aware of Una being abused


* Ages indication only; Irish accent required.



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