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"Some It Short"

(3 short Plays)


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Wed. 12th August - Sat. 15th August




“Carol & Nev”
By Phil Ormsby
Dir:Steve Millar

It’s the great Kiwi road trip. Straight down the Island, across Cook Strait and on to the bach.

Five toilet stops, lunch on the road, sleep on the Ferry and straight on ‘til morning.

Some Like It Short

Carol and Nev are on the road, taking the family campervan to their daughter’s wedding at the bay.


Only catch is Carol died in 1984!

Carol ... Sam McKinnon
Nev ... Geoff Kendall



By April Phillips
Dir: Fiona Bennetts

Two ordinary, everyday women stand before a bound hostage in an abandoned warehouse.


They are armed with a gun, a knife and a video camera. Barbara is overwhelmed by suspicion and doubt. She wants answers.


Carol is bitter, calculated and steadfast. She wants justice, and perhaps revenge.

Barbara ... Jamie Lee
Carol ... Anna Willows
Gavin ... Sam Primrose

“The Death Of Katie Myers”
By David Mitchell
Dir: David Mitchell

A young couple explore an empty theatre – or is it? What is Katie Myers secret?

Sam ... Noam Wegner
Katie ... Libby Wilson
The Shadow ... Andrea Quinlan


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