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Audition Intimacy


ALL THIS INTIMACY is an edgy comedy about friendship and lust and how the two don’t mix


"All This Intimacy"

By Rajiv Joseph


Dir: Douglas Clarke QSM


Elmwood Players, Music Room, Elmwood Normal School, Aikmans Road




The situation: TY has three women pregnant simultaneously - his ex-girlfriend, JEN, his married next door neighbour, MAUREEN, and his 18 year old student, BECCA. 


ALL THIS INTIMACY  illuminates the trials, triumphs, failures of TY’s life and all hell breaks loose when the three women converge and confront ... and are there just the three……..?



Characters: (Ages are suggested stage ages)

TY (30): Central character – smooth – likeable – sensual – sexual and yet completely adrift
JEN (28): TY’s ex-girlfriend who has supported him through thick and thin and FRANNY’s sister
MAUREEN (42): The next-door-neighbour. Marital problems are nothing compared to hers
BECCA (18): Naïve poetry student, head-over-heels with her tutor TY
FRANNY (26): JEN’s sister and SETH’s fiancé
SETH (30): TY’s best friend and soon to be ‘Best Man’


A nice ‘up-beat’ play with minimal staging, slick dialogue, entrances, exits, situational lighting, etc.  Sort of a modern-day “Alfie” for those that remember back that far. On stage April 2017.

For further info, audition time etc, contact Doug;  doug.clarke@clear.net.nz  or 0212521722 text/phone.

The Thrill Of Love


Fame comes but not in the way she imagines.
The facts are not in dispute. On 11 April 1955, Ruth Ellis shot and murdered her lover. Ellis was found guilty and became the last woman to be hanged in Britain. But why was she so keen to admit her guilt, and so loth to offer any defence, even refusing to name – until too late – the person who gave her the loaded gun?

"The Thrill Of Love"

by Amanda Whittington


Dir: Garry Thomas


On Stage June 2017


Amanda (“Be My Baby”, “Amateur Girl”) Whittington's play starts with a siren image of Ellis in satin underwear looking like Marilyn Monroe. But like much in this work, the surface image is a mere deception.

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