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by John Godber
Director: Steve Millar

Weds to Sat, 7:30pm
October 1-4 and 8-11

About the play:
In the middle of a mid-life crisis and a stagnant marriage, where’s the best place to go?


Well according to playwrite John Godber it would be the Scardale Hall Health Farm, and that’s just where Don and Shirley Weston have come to relax, pamper themselves and just possibly rescue their ailing marriage.


Known for his innovative work in Theatre (“Bouncers”, “Shakers” et al), John Godber is one of the most widely performed writers in the English language. Elmwood Players are excited to bring this production to the Christchurch stage this October.

Gym & Tonic

Don Weston – Geoff Kendall
Shirley Weston – Anna Willows
Gertrude Tate/Maggie Weston – Marilyn Ollett
Ken Blake – Scott Morrow
Zoe – Whitney Greene
Chloe –Shanice Adair
Shona/Sam Weston/Bellboy – Libby Wilson


Director - Steve Millar
Production Mgr - Samantha Creed and Garry Thomas
Stage Manager - Barry Mackenzie
Technical - Phil Dean
Properties - TBA
Wardrobe - TBA
FOH – Peter Clark

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