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By April de Angelis
Dir: Garry Thomas


February 20 (by appointment)

On stage April 2016


“I don’t look 50. I don’t act 50. I could get away with … 43?”


Hilary, an anguished north London heroine, has made it to 50 with not nearly enough to show for it: her ever-texting teenage daughter is in a state of perpetual, highly sexed rebellion,her marriage has sagged into severe disrepair and her worthy job on a local ‘reading support’ unit is falling prey to the cuts.



“It’s funny, deliciously rude and at times piercingly moving…” The Guardian


Hilary – our heroine
Mark - husband
Tilly – teenaged daughter
Frances – Hilary’s friend
Lyndsey – Tilly’s friend
Bea – Josh’s mother
Roland – Josh’s father
Josh – Tilly’s boyfriend
Cam – a student


Audition details to follow.


Photos from "Sex Cells" & "Pirates Pandemonium"

Sex Cells Sex Cells
Pirates Pirates

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